The Wastelands
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When do you update Wastelands? It is updated every Sunday here at Smackjeeves. It is updated 5 pages a fortnight at tapastic. But if you can't wait that long, being a member of my Patreon gives you early access.
Does Wastelands have a RSS feed?

How long does it take you to do a page? Purely depends on the content;, if it's full of talking heads, a few hours. If it is environment heavy, possibly a few days. Some pages take longer than others due to other commitments. I now draw the comic in B/W for time and printing ease.

You sold a printed version of Wastelands back in 2011, but it's not this one, are they related? Both Rahu and book 1 are now available for sale at my store

Will there be hard copies of Rahu? At my store

Will we see what Rahu looks like under his mask? He's shy, give him time. But if you can't wait, his mask is already off at Inkblazers....or if you've read past page 70.