22 Nov 2015 02:04 am


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28 Nov 2015 05:45 pm


22 Nov 2015 02:27 am

Well, that's an interesting bathtub. The water would have to either come from a natural hot spring or be recycled in some way. The hot spring bit is more practical though, you just gotta channel the water through the pipes in the manner you want it that way.

as for the comments well... There's that old saying about "quality over quantity", and another saying about "a man has never been called an idiot just for keeping his mouth shut and saying nothing."

You could try putting up multiple pages in bursts instead of single pages across multiple days due to how... well I guess "Slow" things are going in the comic so far.
Bit of a low point in the speed of things right now ain't it?

23 Nov 2015 11:09 am

Dat bath tub~ I love it

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